american clavé 1015

CONJURE is: ALLEN TOUSSAINT piano / DON PULLEN organ, vocal / LEO NOCENTELLI electric guitar / STEVE SWALLOW electric bass / ROBBIE AMEEN trap drums / OLU DARA trumpet, vocal, harmonica / EDDIE HARRIS tenor sax, vocal / DAVID MURRAY tenor sax, vocal with BOBBY WOMACK vocal / CLARE BATHE vocal / ROBERT JASON vocal / FERNANDO SAUNDERS vocal, electric bass / GRAYSON HUGH vocal / MILTON CARDONA congas / HAMIET BLUIETT baritone sax / MANENQUlTO GIOVANNI HIDALGO congas / FRISNER AUGUSTIN congas / IGNACIO BERROA trap drums / CARMAN MOORE guest conductor / ELYSEE PYRONNEAU electric guitar / JOHNNY WATKINS electric guitar / LENNY PICKETT tenor sax / DIAHNNE ABBOTT vocal / and as the Josephine Baker New Magic Chorus: TENNESSEE REED, SHAUNICE HARRIS, CARLA BLANK coach featuring: | ISHMAEL REED words, vocal

Produced by KIP HANRAHAN / SCOTT MARCUS executive producer / recorded and mixed September, October 1987; January, February, March 1988 / NEW YORK: Skyline Studios, Sorderer Sound, Sound Ideas; ROGER MOUTENOT principal engineer, JON FAUSTY engineer, EUGENE NASTASI, TOM DURACK, DARY SULICH, BRUCE CALDER assistant engineers / LOS ANGELES: Amigo Studios; CONLEY ABRAMS engineer / SAN FRANCISCO: Different Fur Studios, HOWARD JOHNSTON engineer / mastered at STERLING SOUND, GREG CALBI engineer / MANHATTAN DESIGN cover design / VIRGINIA LIBERATORE, CHARLES REILLY, NASA photographers / special thanks to MRS. BOBBY WOMACK, HAMIET BLUIETT, HOWARD JOHNSTON, MARY LEDBETTER and CARLA BLANK. Material on this album is published in “New And Collected Poems by Ishmael Reed” Atheneum 1988.

Tracklist: 1. The Author Reflects On His 35th Birthday [5:00] 2. Loup Garou Means Change Into [3:39] 3. ‘Sputin [5:03] 4. Nobody Was There [5:04] 5. Medley: General Science / Ish / Papa La Bas [5:12] 6. Running For The Office Of Love (Prelude) [1:38] 7. My Brothers [7:01] 8. Running For The Office Of Love [3:47] 9. Petit Kid Everett [2:10] 10. St. Louis Women (Excerpts) [2:43] 11. Bitter Chocklate [4:13] 12. Beware: Don’t Listen To This Song [5:27] 13. Minnie The Moocher [2:02]