Connie Crothers, piano | Richard Tabnik, alto saxophone | Roy Campbell, trumpet | Roger Mancuso, drums | Ken Filiano, bass

Tracklist: 1. Ontology, by C. Crothers, C&C Jazz (ASCAP) [20:31] 2. Cosmic Fire [16:17] 3. Song for Henry and Margaret [18:04]

Tracks 2 and 3 are by C. Crothers, R. Tabnik, R. Campbell, R. Mancuso, K. Filiano. Except for the title /’Ontology,” all of this music was entirely improvised.The Stone, November 21,2010. (This month was curated by Henry and Margaret Crimes). Recorded by Ben Manley. Mixed and Mastered at Systems Two. Mix:JoeMarciano. Master: Max Ross. Photography: Michael Weintrob 2011. Graphics: Mindy Mitchell. ©0 2011 New Artists Records, NA1050CD