What About My Baby Kitty | set 07

David Kendall and Jonathan Zorn – computers Rachel Thompson– analog electronics

Others is a trio featuring David Kendall, Rachel Thompson, and Jonathan Zorn. The group explores the sonic possibilites of a 3×3 signal processing feedback loop using live computer synthesis and analog electronics. Each member of the group can initiate a sound, but once the sound begins there is no telling what will happen. As signals bounce from player to player illusions of spaces, stuttering drones, and sonic explosions rapidly consume one another in Others’ unstable sound world.

What About My Baby Kitty features all of Others summer 2005 performances spliced and layered into two dense tracks – one for the West coast, and one for the East coast. WAMBK is dedicated to the cats who inspired us throughout our journeys. Cover art by Thomposter.

CD version (incl. shipment cost world-wide)