Derek Bailey – acoustic and electric stereo guitar | John Stevens – drums, cornet | Trevor Watts – soprano saxophone

Live at the Little Theatre Club. Garrick Yard. St. Martins Lane, London, in 1973-74.

Recorded by Martin Davidson. Processed and premastered by Will Thompson. Dynamic Audio Productions, Hastings, England. Cover art by Mike Johnston. Photography by Jak Kilby (Traycard photo by Mike Johnston) Layout and design by Ben Bracken, Mike Johnston. Executive Producer: Mike Khoury

Tracklist: 1. Impromptu Dynamics 1 (recorded 12.11.73) 2. Impromptu Dynamics 2 (recorded 18.12.73) 3. Impromptu Dynamics 3 (recorded 18.12.73) 4. Impromptu Dynamics 4 (recorded 17.1.74) 5. Impromptu Dynamics 5 (recorded 17.1.74) 6. Impromptu Dynamics 6 (recorded 17.1.74)


This download consists of 98.24MB one zip file containing the complete track list in 192kbps MP3 format along with album art in high resolution JPG format.