Not Two, 2007 | MW 778-2 | CD

Dominic Duval – bass

All songs by Dominic Duval except as noted. Recorded at Alchemia, Krakow November 1, 2007. Recorded by Michal Rosicki and mixed and mastered by Michal Rosicki at MAQ Studio. Produced by Marek Winiarski. Front cover photo by Joe McPhee. Back cover painting by Jacek Knap. Inside photo by Krzysztof Penarski. Design by Andrzej Wojnowski.

Thanks to Marian Pawlik for lending the great instrument.

Tracklist: 1. the truth [08:27] 2. cobble stones (a path) [06:57] 3. where do we go from here? [04:43] 4. images from the dark [08:13] 5. synagogues (where or when) [07:11] 6. direct conflict (remember) [05:36] 7. The Kazimierz [05:08] 8. in a sentimental mood ( Duke Ellington) (in memory of my Mother and Father) [05:03]