E. Doctor Smith – Zendrum ZX, PowerBook G4, Samples, MIDI Programming | Seth Elgart – Keyboards, MacBook Pro, Moog, Prophet, Waldorf Synthesizers | Neil Mezebish – Flute, Saxophones, Akai EWI 4000 & Yamaha WX5 Wind Controllers | Edo Casto – 7 String “Stinger” Bee and Conklin Basses, MIDI Bass, Ebow (appears courtesy of Passion Star Records) | Neng Canzon – Bass on “Son of Mobado”

Produced by E. Doctor Smith. Recorded at The Barn, Taylorsville, MD and Studio E, San Francisco. Mixed and mastered by Andrew Scott at Studio 401, San Francisco, CA.

Tracklist: 1. Lord Telford’s Ghost 2. Light 3. Canyon Voices 4. Torro’s Gamble Part 3 5. Karakoram Sunrise 6. Son of Mobado 7. Utopian Dream 8. On the Verge of Chaos 9. A Different Kind of Tale 10. Purple Waves