Not Two, 2013 | MW 895-2 | CD

John Tchicai – tenor saxophone and flute – Dave Rempis – alto and tenor saxophones | Jeb Bishop – trombone | Nate McBride – bass | Tim Daisy – drums

Recorded by Todd Carter May 15th, 2011, live at the Hungry Brain, Chicago. Mixed and Mastered by The Engines and Todd Carter, January 2012. Thanks to Mike Reed and Josh Berman who made this concert and recording possible during the year-long 10th anniversary celebration concerts they organized in 2011, as part of the ongoing Sunday-night Transmission Series at Chicago’s Hungry Brain. Thanks to Marek Winiarski for his unwavering support of this music, as well as his relaxed demeanor, sly sense of humor and impeccable dance floor maneuvers.

Tracklist: 1. High and Low (McBride) / Strafe (Rempis) [15:14] 2. Gloxinia (Daisy) [13:37] 3. Cool Copy (Tchicai) / Looking (Bishop) [19:32] 4. Super Orgasmic Life (Tchicai) [08:32] 5. Planet (Bishop) [10:34]