Farouq Z. Bey – tenor, alto saxophone | Mike Carey – alto, tenor saxophone, bass clarinet, shakers | Skeeter C.R. Shelton – tenor, alto saxophone, tarogatta | Mike Gilmore – vibes, marimba | Mike Johnston – bass, percussion | Nick Ashton – drums, percussion

Live studio recording 12/20/2009. Recording and mixing by Mike Johnston. Art & design by Mark Rudolph and Mike Johnston. Cover photo & layout by Mark Rudolph. Mastering by Dan Bracken. In memory of Stevan E. Kaufman, Ajaramu Shelton and Keith Lockwood. All music is acoustic.

Tracklist: 1. Truth Serum 2. Mokondi Emerging Field (Suite) 3. Opening 4. Emergency Blues 5. Currents 6. Beauty is a Rare Thing 7. Song of the Khemti Nobles 8. Tenere’ (for S.E.K. & A.J.) 9. Pre-Text