Not Two, 2013 | MW 904-2 | CD

François Carrier – alto sax | Michel Lambert – drums | John Edwards – double bass | Steve Beresford – piano

Recorded live at the Vortex Jazz Club in London, UK, December 6th 2011. Sound and mix by François Carrier. Photos by François Carrier. Musician’s photo by Andy New. Executive producer Marek Winarski.

Endless gratitude to Olivier Chevillot, Jacques Fortier, Anne Francoeur and Edith Fortier. Cheers to Michel Lambert, John Edwards, Steve Beresford and Marek Winiarski Infinite thanks to Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec, RNC MEDIA and CARON Industries for their essential asupport. — François Carrier

Tracklist: 1. Mile End [10:56] 2. Bow Road [12:17] 3. Archway [25:45] 4. Barking Side [13:38]