Not Two, 2007 | MW 783-2 | CD

Vyacheslav Ganelin – piano, synthesizer, percussion | Petras Vysniauskas – soprano saxophone | Klaus Kugel – drums, percussion

Mixed and mastered by Ulrich Seipel – USM, Germany, 2006. Recorded at Studio 2, Radio Svizzera, Lugano, Switzerland on November 10, 2006. A coproduction with Radio Svizzera – Rete Due (Lugano, Switzerland). Sound engineer: Gabriele Kamm. Radio Svizzera producer: Paolo Keller. Front cover painting by Petras Repsys. Trio photo made in Lugano by Ute H. Kaiser. Cover design by Andrzej Wojnowski.

Tracklist: 1. Conversation III [38:10] 2. Conversation IV [37:26]