Gianni Mimmo _ soprano saxophone | Alison Blunt _ violin

Music _ instant compositions by Alison Blunt & Gianni Mimmo. Live Recording _ St. Leonard’s Shoreditch Church, London, UK, 26th June 2013. Sound Engineering, Mixing, Editing _ Matt Saunders . Mastering _ Maurizio Giannotti, New Mastering Studio, Milano, Italy. Liner Note _ Massimo Ricci, Cover Photo _ Chiara Meattelli & Dominic Lee, London, Uk ( Graphics _ Nicola Guazzaloca. Production _ Gianni Mimmo for Amirani records.Proudly co-produced with LongSong Records and Teriyaki Records. Recorded live at S. Leonard’s Shoreditch Church in London, Uk by sound wizard Matt Saunders here is this fantastic acoustic soprano sax- violin duo featuring a contemporary chamber attitude improvising instant compositions, sound texture explorations and sudden lyrical flights.

Warmest appreciation and thanks to the D.C.C. of St. Leonard’s Shoreditch Church and Robin T. Hatton-Gore. Gianni Mimmo plays GLOGER HANDKRAFT saxophone neck and MASTERCLIP™ ligature

Tracklist: Side A: 1. Lasting Ephemerals Side B: 2. Elliptical Birds 3. Scherzo

Please Note: includes the MP3 album of this release.