Gianni Mimmo | Daniel Levin | Turbulent Flow | Amirani Records | CD

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Gianni Mimmo _ soprano saxophone | Daniel Levin _ cello

music _ instant compositions by Daniel Levin and Gianni Mimmo. recording _ 2011, October the 16th, Church of S. Maria Gualtieri, Pavia, Italy. sound engineer _ Lorenzo Sempio. mastering _ Maurizio Giannotti at NewMastering studio, Milano, Italy. cover photo _ Kyle May. inside photos _ Elda Papa. liner note _ Gilles Laheurte. graphics _ Mirko Spino. production _ Gianni Mimmo for Amirani Records

Special thanks to Vittorio Lo Conte who actually caused musicians reciprocal curiosity. Thanks to Bruno Cerutti and Nicola Arata for their helpful support. Gianni Mimmo plays GLOGER HANDKRAFT saxophone neck and MASTERCLIP™ ligature

Tracklist: 01 Turbulent Flow 02 Mini-festo 03 Sculpted 04 Orbit Unknown 05 Translucent 06 Direct Speech 07 Statement 08 Inner Lied 09 Solenne