Xabier Iriondo, taisho koto, mahai metak, lo-fi devices | Gianni Mimmo, soprano sax ,recording

Edition number ten by Amirani Records is Your Very Eyes.


  1. Psalm of days
  2. Side Voice
  3. Your Very Eyes
  4. Several Calls And A Perfect Pair Of Opinione
  5. Nostos Algos
  6. Sub-Sequence
  7. Barn Swallow
  8. Cirmustance And Sacrifice / Eye Tray
  9. Completion

c r e d i t s: recorded – June the 24th, 2007, cave church, Santa Lucia alle Malve, Matera, Italy | sound engineer and mixing – Xabier Iriondo | mastering – Maurizio Giannotti, Bips studio, Milano, Italy | cover image – “Santa Lucia” (part.) by Francesco del Cossa (1435-1477) | inside photos – Shanu Vallaro, Silvia Eugerio | graphics – Mirko Spino


This download consists of one 61.21MB zip file containing the complete track list in 192kbps MP3 format along with album art in high resolution JPG format.