Farouq Z. Bey – tenor, alto, soprano saxophone, Anthony Holland – alto, soprano saxophone, David McMurray – tenor, alto, soprano saxophone, Jaribu Shahid – bass, Tani Tabbal – drums, percussion, MARZ SocietySadiq Bey – dance, percussion, Fahali Igbo – djimbe, Tani Tabbal – doundoune

Tracklist DISC ONE: (excerpt) 1. Z-Series A) Zinji Lebarb B) Zenelog C) Aintro D) Find It 2. Necrophilia Tracklist DISC TWO: 1. After Death 2. Fosters 3. Marz Society 4. Spectrum 5. Shadow World

Recorded live to tape at the D.I.A. January 29th, 1983. Recorded and mastered by Ron DeCorte. Cover photo by ron DeCorte. Booklet photo by Leni Sinclair. Artwork and design by Mike Johnston and Mark Rudolph. Booklet images taken from original performance flyer designed by Barbara Barefield. Executive producer: Mike Khoury


This download consists of one 123.74MB zip file containing the complete track list in 192kbps MP3 format along with album art in high resolution JPG format.