Past Present. Limited Edition 7-CD’s box-set

Not Two, 2012 | MW 900-2 | CD

Hamid Drake – drums | Kent Kessler – bass | Ken Vandermark – reeds

Giacometti quote from, Henri Cartier-Bresson and Alberto Giacometti, The Decision of the Eye [Scalo Verlag AG: 2005), edited by Tobia Bezzola, pg. 84

Thanks to Bruno Johnson and Okka Disk, Fred Anderson and the Velvet Lounge, John Corbett, Jane Baxter-Miller, Ellen Major, and Clay Chalupa, Hamid’s life partner of creativity for many, many years. Additional thanks to Marek Winiarski and Not Two Records, Paolo Zucca and Punta Giara Sant’Anna Arresi Jazz for all of their help on the current production. And to Dave Zuchowski for engineering work above and beyond the call of duty. Design by Marek Winiarski and Andrzej Wojnowski.