Fabrizio Elvetico: piano, electronics, electric bass | Gianluca Paladino: guitar, samples | Pasquale Termini: cello, synthesizer | Agostino Mennella: drums, electronics

Tracklist: 1. Terminali (source) 2. Discentro 3. Ballrooms (vivify) 4. Bottom Sea Engine 5. Flying Home 6. Terminali (destination)

Composed and performed by Illàchime Quartet | Artistic and executive production: Fabrizio Elvetico | Front cover drawing: Chio Testa | Graphic studio: Etacom | Mixed by Giuseppe Pippo Barresi and I.Q. | Mastered by Giovanni Roma at Blackchannel Studio, Sirignano, Italy | Released by Fratto9 Under the Sky and Lizard Records.