John Tchicai – tenor saxophone | Rent Romus – alto & soprano saxophones (separately & simultaneously), voice | Jon Birdsong – sousaphone, conch shell | Dave Michaly – drums

Excecutive Producer – Psiman. Producer – The CAT man. Creative Direction – Rent Romus. Marketing & Distribution – Jazzheads Records Inc. Radio Promotion – Gert’Rude music marketing. Graphic Design – Rent Romus, Ron Pelletier. Technical Support – Ron Pelletier. Art Graphics – Vincent Rezini. Studio Recording – Ben Leinbach, Spark Studios, Emeryville CA 12/17/96. Live Recording – Robert Berenson, Jason Weitzman, ODC/SF Theater, San Francisco, CA 2/1/97. Mastered by Andrew Scott, Rent Romus. Photos – Ron Pelletier, cover & where indicated, email – – WEB site – http:\ James Adams, where indicated, email – – WEB site http:\ | Manufactured – Olde West Recordings, San Francisco CA, 415-647-2715 Performance Publicity – Marcy Straw, Creative Musical Alternatives.

Many thanks to* Dave, Linda &Averee Repke, John Tchicai, Jon Birdsong, Dave Mihaly, Randy Klein, Tony Mills, Ben Leinbach, Sam Prestianni, Ron Pelletier, Chris White, Jazz In Flight, Robert Berenson, Holly Charlton, Liz Roman, Alleluia Panis, all our loyal wacked out fans and friends, the musicians who have and continue to give their lives to inspire us, and Rent’s cat.

Tracklist: 1. March of the Dali’s 2. Cherry Vanilla 3. Descent of the Avatar 4. Dr. Ke’s I 5. Aces for Albert 6. Farewell Sweet & Crazy 7. Gravity 8. Chartreuse 9. So When 10. Raven’s Gate