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circum libra 203/2015

Christian Pruvost – trumpet | Natsuki Tamura – trumpet | Satoko Fujii – piano | Peter Orins – drums

Recorded at Studio Sequenza, Montreuil – France, on December 9 – 2014 by Thomas Vingtrnier, assistant Thomas Rasoanaivo. Mixed by Peter Orins in January 2015. CD master by Mike Marciano at Systems Two, New York. Cover photo by Julie Merckling. Band photo by Nodoka Ishida. Cover design and layout by Peter Orins. Produced by Circum-Disc and Libra Records.

Special thanks to: Ann Braithwaite, Eyal Hareuveni, Mai Kawai, Yoshino Toyota, Takao Yamamoto, Nodoko Ishida, Keisuke Oki, Kim Hyunloon, Nancy Marciano, Takashi Itani, Raphaël Voix, Ananda Ceballos, Maxime Morel, Céline Liagre, Lise Cazé, Clémence de Saint-Steban.

Tracklist: 1. Tioky Astimo by Christian Pruvost [9:56] 2. Vents Contraires by Peter Orins [14:32] 3. Running Around by Satoko Fujii [11:32] 4. Inspiration by Natsuki Tamura [20:39] 5. Uminari by Satoko Fujii [12:23] Total Time: [69:04]