Ken Filiano and Steve Adams | The Other Side Of This | CD

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Ken Filiano – double bass and effects | Steve Adams – sopranino, alto and tenor saxophones, flute and bass flute

Recorded and mixed by Myles Boisen at Guerilla Recording on October 5, 2002. Mastered by Myles Boisen and Steve Adams at The Headless Buddha Mastering Lab on February 19, 2003. Produced by Ken Filiano and Steve Adams. Executive production by Trem Azul. Liner notes by Rui Horta Santos. Design and artwork by Rui Garrido. Cover photos by A. Mateur

Tracklist: 1. Exoid (tenor sax) 2. Kleesh (tenor sax) 3. Tinver (bass flute) 4. Rumon (flute) 5. Senfui (flute) 6. Yowns (sopranino sax) 7. Mauhn (sopranino sax) 8. Ingope (sopranino sax) 9. Yataph (bass flute) 10. Droove (alto sax) 11. Larmin (alto sax) 12. Ossue (bass flute)