Liz Gorrill | For the Beauty of the Earth | MP3

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Liz Gorrill, solo piano / voice

Tracklist: INVOCATION 1. How Deep Is The Ocean PART I – LOVE’S FIRE 2. Secrets Start Singing 3. Shaken Out In Thunder 4. Stella By Starlight 5. The Story Of Pure Mirrors 6. Vision To Flame 7. Gardens Dying, Blossoming 8. Spring’s Firebirds 9. Magician Of Being 10. Our Mystery Will Grow Green PART II – ALONE WITH THE ONE 11. The Stormy Wind 12. Within The Mysterious Darkness 13. Shine The Warrior’s Heart 14. When Time Is Vanishing 15. From Abyss To Abyss 16. Nuances Of The Rainbow 17. Blue Is My Inside Sky 18. Two Hands Made Of Sun 19. The Eternal Now Of Music

Recorded: May/June 1997 & January 1998


This download comprises one 80.93MB zip file with the complete track list in 192kbps MP3 format along with album art in high resolution JPG format.