Lo Galluccio – all vocals & 4-track vocals, percussion on These Diamonds Are My Very, Casio on Mozart’s Wife | Miki Navazio – electric guitar | Brad Jones – upright bass | Michael Evans – drums & percussion | Ej Rodriguez – percussion on Creamsplit | Satoshi Takeishi – percussion on Black Sun & These Diamonds Are My Very | Chris Bowers – electric bass on Mozart’s Wife | Khartik Swaminathan – synthesizer violin on Mozart’s Wife | Roy Nathanson – soprano saxophone on Mozart’s Wife & Queen Of Mars

Produced by Lo (Laurie) Galluccio with Brett Heinz and Brian Ales. Engineered by Brett Heinz and Brian Ales. Mixed by Brett Heinz, Lo (Laurie) Galluccio and Brian Ales. Executive producer: Michael Dorf. Associated producer: Mark Perlson. Designed by Liz Leggett. Recorded at The Knitting Factory Studio, Mastered at The Knitting Factory by James McLean.

Tracklist: 1. Creamsplit 2. These Diamonds Are My Very 3. Black Sun 4. Smog In Athens Part I. 5. Smog In Athens Part II. (With Leda’s Swan) 6. You Go To My Head 7. Pale Blue Eyes 8. Mona Lisa / Mozart’s Wife 9. Being Visited 10. Queen Of Mars