After 20 years of writing narrative poetry I veered off into a style I call atmospheric / landscape poetry and this is the first examples of that. Too many musicians to mention all their names. Justine Flynn even wrote a complex chart for one of the numbers. (Mostly everything else is purely freeform spontaneous glorious intuition.)

Tracklist: 1. (perspectives) 2. air & the sea 3. (flame) 4. branches of light 5. (suspensions) #2 6. it is one of those things missing 7. earth water fire  8. The Sky 9. thunder sparked ocean 10. (4 billion years ago, dusk) 11. (taking it easy) 12. this valley of carrots 13. ethereal takes you in 14. 53 billion years ago) 15. river town 16. 7 Billion Years Hence 17. First Man came to the sparks 18. why we do sleep at night 19. (Embudo Canyon, Sandia Mountains) 20. star come out of the night 21. (100th meridian, 30,000 BP) 22. glacier 23. (suspension) 24. it was not calm 25. looking back

Mixed & mastered at UBIK Sound, Albuquerque, New Mexico by Manny Rettinger. Graphicology by J.B. Bryan


This 98.71MB download contains the complete tracklist in 192kbps MP3 format along with cover art as shown on this page in high resolution JPG format.