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“One great record if I do say so myself. Everything’s coming up roses. You got Ken Keppler on here, and Jeanie, and Mark Weaver’s nocturnal tuba, and Lisa Polisar’s clandestine flute, and Courtney Smith’s nautical harp, and Alicia Ultan’s eternal viola (we love you Alicia), and Stefan Dill’s auto transported flamenco guitar, AND AND AND ! Janet Feder (!) and her prepared & sautéed guitar.” — Mark weber (guitar & vocals & all songs & text & linocut)

Tracklist: 1. “Trooper’s Return” 2may99 (2:04) 2. “Walkin’ Through” 21feb99 w/Mark Weaver, tuba; Ken Keppeler, jaw harp (6:01) 3. “Jammin’ with Bubbette J” 16may99 w/Janet Feder, prepared guitar (1:32) 4. “Death Don’t Have No Mercy” 2may99 (5:04) 5. “Stay Home Do Nothing” 16may99 w/Alicia Ultan, viola; JFeder, prepared dobro; MW, tape manipulation, Studio CKUNM (7:12) 6. “JFLB #3” 4apr98 w/Stefan Dill, guitar (2:08) 7. “Brother Can You Spare A Dime” (E. Y.Harburg) 15dec98 (3:18) 8. “JFLB #1B” 12may99 w/Janet Feder, prepared guitar (2:00) 9. “Charlie & The Night” 21feb99 w/MWeaver, tuba; Ken Keppeler, accordion; Jeanie McLerie, violin; Bee, snare drum & recording engineer, same as track 2. (2:44) 10. “Not So Long Ago, But A Million Miles Away” same as track 5 (3:51) 11. “The Electric Violin On Desolation Row” 21mar98 w/Lisa Polisar, flute; Alicia Ultan, viola; Courtney Smith, harp; MW, violin & poem (4:05) 12. “Drop D #2” same as track 3 (1:42) 13. “Poem For the Last Day of October” 22nov97 w/J.A.Deane, lap steel; Mark Weaver, tuba; Stefan Dill, guitar; MW, harmonica & text (8:28) 14. “JFLB #6” same as track 6 (2:27) 15. “JFLB #3B” same as track 8 (2:20) 16. “Albuquerque Nocturne” 15dec98 (3:29) 17. “Cherokee Hawkins Fear Song” 15dec98 (1:23) 18. “Open D Thing” 8nov98 (4:48) 19. “Hard Times” (Stephen Foster) 18apr99 (2:48) 20. “Down Along By The River” 18apr99 (1:13) 21. “JFLB #11” same as track 6 (2:05)


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