Mickey Finn | Dudek! | El Gallo Rojo Records | CD

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GIORGIO “schreck” PACORIG devices | DANILO “sanchez” GALLO low strings | ENRICO “the king” TERRAGNOLI high strings, low strings on #9 | ZENO “dj adomim” DE ROSSI skins | nice guest guy KYLE GREGORY horns on #9

Recorded in the beautiful city of Ljubljana, Slovenia by Blaz Celarec at his great tiny Studio Attic, Spring 2005. Mixed by the King in person at his castle in the heart of Verona, Italy, Fall 2005. Mastered, of course, by Stefano Amerio at Artesuono Studios, Udine, Italy, Winter 2006. Artwork by MATTEO SACCOMANI

Tracklist: 1. REDRUM.REDRUM.REDRUM. (Mickey Finn) 2. THE RETURN OF THE GIANT SQUID (AKA CALAMARONE) (Mickey Finn) 3. SMILE DEAD SMILE (Mickey Finn) 4. MIRRORS IN THE BRAIN (Mickey Finn) 5. DAGHE (Giorgio Pacorig) 6. NEVER LET ME ALONE IN THE CAR (Enrico Terragnoli) 7. MARCELLO MASTROIANNI (Enrico Terragnoli) 8. DUDEK! (Enrico Terragnoli) 9. SNOID (Mickey Finn) 10. LA CENTESIMA VOLTA (Enrico Terragnoli)