Conducted Improvisations Piece No.5 (2002)

Soprano saxophone: Phillip Greenlief | Alto saxophone: Michael Zelner | Tenor saxophone: Alan Anzalone, Henry Kuntz, Michael Cooke | Clarinet: Jason Ditzian | Trumpet: Tom Dill, Freddi Price, Matt Volla | Trombone: Jennifer Baker | Violin: Jeff Hobbs, Joan Ling-Zwissler | Viola: Cheryl E. Leonard, Jorge Boehringer | Contrabass: Bobby Todd | Electric guitar: Matt Lebofsky, Alwyn Quebideaux | Electric bass: Peter Conheim | Theremin: Robert Silverman | Drums: Tyler Cox | Electric drum pad: Thomas Scandura | Percussion, all sorts: Michael Guarino, Suki O’Kane, Ali Tabatabai, Peter Valsamis, Phil Williams, William Winant, Moe! Staiano

Recorded live by Michael Zelner/ZOKA at the Oakland Metro, Oakland CA, USA on the 21st November, 2002.

Conducted Improvisations Piece No.4 (2002)

Saxophone: Alan Anzalone, Michael Zelner, Rent Romus, Colin Stetson | Clarinet: Richard E. Barber, Matt Ingalis, Michael Zelner | Recorder: Tom Bickley | Flute: Erica Fallin | Violon: Jeff Hobbs | Viola: Ceryl E. Leonard | Cello: Merlin Coleman, Bob Marsh | Electric guitar: Michael de la Cuesta, Eli Good, Sue Hutchinson, Alwyn Quebideaux, Rick Rees | Electric acoustic quitar: Ernesto Diaz-Infante | Electric bass: Tom Corboline, Jonathan Segel | Theremin: Robert Silverman | Piano: Scott Looney | Drums: Tyler Cox, Mat Kolenmainen, Thomas Scandura, Chris Sipe | Percussion, all sorts: Tim Bolling, Michael Guarino, Suki O’Kane, Garth Powell | Voice: Jesse Quattro + Hand claps from most members of the orchestra

Recorded live by Jeff Wilson for radio broadcast on KFJC from the Appreciation Hall at Foothill College, Los Altos Hills CA, USA on the 13th April, 2002.


This download consists of one 104.60MB zip file containing the complete track list in 192kbps MP3 format along with album art in high resolution JPG format.