Musicians for Conducted Improvisation

Piece No.6 “Depleted Uranium”

Guitars: Myles Boisen, Lucio Menegon | Bass: Vicky Grossi, Allen Whitman | Violin: Jeff Hobbs | Cello: Marika Hughes | Contrabass: Devon Hoff | Drums: Ches Smith | Voice: Carla Kihlstedt | Conductor: Moe! Staiano

Piece No.11 “Two Orchestras in Separate Rooms”

Tenor Saxophones: Alan Anzalone, Michael Perlmutter | C-melody Saxophone: Rent Romus | Clarinet: Aaron Bennett, Chris Broderick | Bass clarinet: Scott Rosenberg, David Slusser |Trumpet: Darren Johnston | Trombone: Jennifer Baker | Violins: Jeff Hobbs, John Shuirba (+ banjo) | Cellos: Robin Reynolds, Theresa Wong | Contrabass: Christopher Brown, George Cremaschi, Lisa Mezzacappa | Guitars: Lucio Menegon, Pat Moran, Daryl Shawn, Robin Hiroko Walsh, Bill Wolter | Bass: Vicky Grossi | Drums: David Mairs | Mini drum set: Allen Whitman | Percussion: Michael Guarino, Jason Levis (+ bowls), Sam Ospovat | Cymbal, dumbek: Peter Valsamis | Marimba: Suki O’Kane | Hand percussion: David Leikam | Accordion, tap shoes: Bob Marsh | Turntable: Matt Davignon | Conductor: Moe! Staiano


This download consists of one 69.29MB zip file containing the complete track list in 192kbps MP3 format along with album art in high resolution JPG format.