Mofrancesco Quintetto | Maloca | CD

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Guto Lucena (Tenor and soprano Sax, Bass Clarinet) | Johannes Krieger (Trumpet) | Iuri Gaspar (Piano) | Miguel Moreira (Drums) | Francesco Valente (Double Bass)

Produced by Francesco Valente. Recorded in July/September 2012 in Namouche Studio, Lisbon. Mixed and mastered in August/September 2012 by Beat Laden at Groundzero, Lisbon. Artwork by Janja Rudolf.

Tracklist: 1. Tchap Tchap Tchap (J. Krieger) 2. Maloca (F. Valente) 3. Hamsa (F.Valente) 4. An evening at the village (Bela Bartok – arr. F. Valente) 5. Ket Roman Tan (Bela Bartok – arr. I. Gaspar) 6. Buciumeana-Romanian folk danses (Bela Bartok – arr. F. Valente) 7. Naira (F. Valente) 8. Soul (J. Krieger)