Nicole Mitchell | Engraved in the Wind | RogueArt Jazz | CD

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Nicole Mitchell: C flutes & alto flute

All compositions by Nicole Mitchell except Dadwee, Six Wings, Pratagraha: Virtue of Freedom from Attachment, Song of Suchness and Agoru III respectively by Aaya Samaa/Nicole Mitchell, James Newton, Renée Baker, Yung Wha Son and Alvin Singleton. Aaya Samaa/Nicole Mitchell, James Newton, Renée Baker and Yung Wha Son pieces have been composed especially for Nicole Mitchell and for this album.

Nicole Mitchell plays a Powell Conservatory flute that was made especially for her.

Recorded by Michael Mathews between October 20th to 24th 2012 at Xmpl Studio, UC Irvine, California, USA. Mixing & mastering: Griffin Rodriguez at Shape Shop II, Hollywood, California, USA. Liner notes: Joe Morris. Photograph: RogueArt. Cover design: Max Schoendorff. Cover realization: David Bourguignon, URDLA. Producer: Michel Dorbon

Track list: 1. Blue Montain (2:53) 2. Dadwee (3:57) 3. Forest Family (3:12) 4. Cave of Forgoten Spring (2:48) 5. Six Wings (4:59) 6. Beehive (3:57) 7. Making of Rose Quartz (5:09) 8. Pratagraha: Virtue of Freedom from Attachment (6:17) 9. Desert Choir (1:29) 10. Boiling River (3:26) 11. Song of Suchness (7:31)12. High Light ar the Waterfall (4:00) 13. Glacier Wall (4:35) 14. Agoru III (3:48) 15. Engraved in the Wind (3:33) 16. Fireflies and Mischief on Dada B’s Porch (3:51)