Bill Noertker – bass | Annelise Zamula – saxes/flute | Jim Peterson – saxes/flute | Niels Myrner – drums | with special guest Hugh Schick – trumpet

All music composed and arranged by Bill Noertker. This is a recording of a live performance by Noertker’s Moxie at the SIMM series, held bi-monthly at the Musicians’ Union Hall in San Francisco, CA. Recorded to 2-track DAT by Karen Stackpole, Stray Dog Recording Services on 10 June 2001. Mastered by Myles Boisen at The Headless Buddha Mastering Lab on 12 March 2002. Billy Icon by Jeff Left from a photo by Monika Romero. Cover design by David Norfleet. Produced by Bill Noertker Executive Producer – Rent Romus

Special thanks to Marianne DeSnoo, Harry Fix, Tom Griesser, Dave Mihaly, Annelise Zamula, and Tom, Jain, and Marlowe Mclntyre

Tracklist: 1) Galatea of the Spheres [8:53] 2) Portrait of My Dead Brother [5:20] 3) the Hats [6:41] 4) Exploding Head in the Style of Raphael [8:08] 5) Telephone Grilled Sardines at the End of September [7:20] 6) the Chemist of Figueras Looks for Nothing at All [7:48] 7) Family of Marsupial Centaurs [6:17]