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Henry Kuntz / tenor saxophone, Chinese musette, Nepalese bamboo flute, Bolivian & Balinese bamboo flutes; Ben Lindgren / doublebass, Balinese gamelan; Brian Godchaux / viola, Balinese gamelan “selunding,” percussion; Esten Lindgren / trombone, trumpet, Hawaiian conch shell, steel guitar, ukulele, percussion; John Kuntz / steel guitar, mandolin, ukulele, Javanese gamelan, wind-up toy xylophone, percussion.

Recorded September 22, 23, 1995

Tracklist: 1. Brilliant Coral 2. Tepees and Dragons 3. Fancy Dancing Jaguar 4. Polyphonic Hymn 5. Eskimos on the Moon 6. Bayou Eskimos 7. Real Southern Hominy  8. Safron and Jasmine 9. Noble Guardians 10. Ol’Spi’ Ritual 11. Sentient Beings 12. Moss ‘Comes Silk


This download consists of one 97Mb zip file with the complete track list in 192kbps MP3 format along with album art in high resolution JPG format.