Simone Massaron – electric & bariton guitars, loops | Jamaaladeen Tacuma -electric bass | Massimiliano Sorrentini – drums (right channel) | Federico Scettri – drums (left channel) | Piero Bittolo Bon – alto & baritone saxophones

Recorded by Vito Farano on January 11, 2010 at Power Music Studio, Rome, Italy. Mixed by Enrico Terragnoli at Greedy Little Sisters Studio, Verona, Italy. Mastered by Maurizio Giannotti at Newmastering Studio, Milano, Italy. Artwork by Massimiliano Sorrentini. Little Pencil by Piero Bittolo Bon. Photos by Regina Schütz for Sound Evidence. Produced by Piero Bittolo Bon and Fabrizio Perissinotto.

Special thanks to Simone, Massimiliano, Federico for being such great friends in life & music, to Jamaaladeen for all the inspiration and power he brought to this session, and to Fabrizio who such enthusiastically supported a project that just popped out of a strange dream one strange night. Many thanks also to Vito Farano. Enrico Terragnoli, Maurizio Giannotti and to El Conjunto del Gallo Rojo. ‘Simpri Indenant” is dedicated to my mother Paola

Tracklist: 1. DFW/Calypso de Pelo 2. Simpri Indenant 3. Moon Liver 4. The Day Sandro Bondi Stood Still 5. Stoppani Stomp 6. Tsar Bomba! 7. Tamarrow Is The Question