Polvere | Polvere | Minority Records | 10" LP

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Xabier Iriondo, known for his previous works with Paolo Cantú in A Short Apnea as well as Uncode Duello projects, teamed up this time with Mattia Coletti to form Polvere, an indeed thrilling electro-acoustic project, in order to meet and mix opposite attitudes in music, searching for a personal musical way. Surely one of the best and the most entertaining releases in the catalogue yet!

Mattia Coletti – ukulele, acoustic and electric guitars, drums, percussions & voices | Xabier Iriondo – taisho koto, zither, old ’20 78RPM Japanese records, electronic treatments.

Recorded and mixed at Zeno and Zulo Gorria Studios. | Mastered at Bips Studios by Maurizio Giannotti. | Graphics by Polvere and Mirko Spino. | Limited edition of 500 copies.

Tracklist: 1. Rumors about polvere | 2. Dust folk song #1 | 3. Rice between clocks | 4. 78 [Traditional] | 5. …And if you slam the door [to Fabio Magistrali] | 6. Almsgiving blues reprise