Raymond Dijkstra | Dadaphon | LP

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10 Inch vinyl record | Release by Le Souffleur – Year of release : 2003 | Numbered edition of 400 | Collage, concept and execution Raymond Dijkstra. Blank recordsleeves with add on cellotaped collage. Different versions. Some have stamp by Le Souffleur or are signed by the author. The LP is numbered 01 to 400; or is dated in which case they have original (one off) artwork. The photocopied collages consist of cut-up photo’s collaged together with cellotape; after which they have been photocopied again, cut-up with a knife and repaired with cellotape. The collages with handwritten texts and printed texts are assembled from books and manuscripts collected on fleemarkets. Some of the handwritten texts date from 1845, most others are from the 19th century/begin 20th. The recordlabels are red (background) with monochrome gold lettering. Vinyl-record weight: 180 grams. Black vinyl. 33 Rpm. Limited edition of 400. All items are individually handmade / all artwork by Raymond Dijkstra

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