Rent Romus – alto & sop. saxophones | Jason “Jay O” Olaine – trumpet | Vytas “Brock Lee” Nagisetty – bass | Andrew Borger -drums

Executive Producer: The Cat Man Produced by: The Lords of Outland Marketing and sales by Jazzheads Inc. Recorded live using natural sound effects at Blondies Jazz Bar San Francisco, Ca 2/9/95.  Remote Chief Engineer: Cal Cramer. Mastered at Cal Cramer Productions P.O. Box 291, Boulder Creek, Ca 95006 408-338-0704. Manufactured by Olde West, San Francisco. Photos: James Radke. Cover art design: Vincent Rezini. ©BGert’Rude Records, 1995. All songs ©Rent Romus.

Tracklist: 1. Muddled Fruit (romus) [9:16] 2. A call for all demons (sun ra) [13:54] 3. Blade (romus) [10:24] 4. As I See (romus) [6:13] 5. Lonely man with cat (romus) [10:45] 6. If Ornette grew cacti (romus) [8:57] 7. What’s your Archetype? (romus) [8:41]