Not Two, 2010 | MW 837-2 | CD

Rodrigo Amado – tenor & baritone saxes | Taylor Ho Bynum – cornet, flugelhorn | John Hébert – double bass | Gerald Cleaver – drums

Recorded by Joaquim Monte at Namouche Studios, Lisbon, Portugal, September 20th, 2008. Mixed and mastered by Joaquim Monte and Rodrigo Amado. Produced by Rodrigo Amado. Photos by Rodrigo Amado. Studio group photo by Guillaume Pazat. Design by Rui Garrido.

Special thanks to Joaquim Monte, Guillaume Pazat, Antonio Julio Duarte, Luis Lopes, Stuart Broomer, Demian Cabaud, Miguel Lobo Antunes and Rui Garrido.

Tracklist: 1. Newman’s Informer [08:32] 2. Waiting For Andy [21:08] 3. Renee, Lost In Music [11:01] 4. Sunday Break [04:40] 5. Pick up Spot [02:51] 6. 4th Avenue, Adam’s Block [13:39]