rogueart jazz

Roscoe Mitchell: composition, conduction | Nicole Mitchell’s Black Earth Ensemble: Nicole Mitchell: flutes, piccolo | David Boykin: tenor saxophone | Greg Ward: alto saxophone | Robert Griffin: trumpet | Mankwe Ndosi: vocal | Renée Baker: violin | Tomeka Reid: cello | Myra Melford: piano | Maia: harp | Joshua Abrams: double bass | Marcus Evans: drums

Recorded live on August 30th 2009 at Piazza del Nuraghe, Sant’Anna Arresi, Sardinia, Italy at the occasion of “Sant’Anna Arresi Jazz Festival 2009”. Mixing and mastering: Jean-Pierre Bouquet, L’Autre Studio, Vaires-sur-Marne, France. Liner notes: Bill Shoemaker. Photographs: Luciano Rossetti @ Phocus Agency. Cover design: Max Schoendorff. Cover realization: David Bourguignon, URDLA. Producer: Michel Dorbon

«ROGUEART» warmly thanks “Sant’Anna Arresi Jazz Festival 2009”

Tracklist: 1. Quintet #1 for Eleven (25:43) 2. Cards for Orchestra (14:15) 3. Quintet #9 for Eleven (19:21)

All compositions by Roscoe Mitchell