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Not Two, 2007 | MW 786-2 | CD

Bruce Ackley – soprano and tenor saxophones | Steve Adams – alto saxophone | Larry Ochs – tenor and sopranino saxophones | Jon Raskin – baritone and alto saxophone

All compositions by Jon Raskin. Produced by Jon Raskin. Performed by the Rova Saxophone Quartet. Recording Engineer: Myles Boisen. Recorded at Guerrilla Recording, September 29-30, 2006. Mastered by Myles Boisen & Jon Raskin at The Headless Buddha Mastering Lab. Cover photos by Jon Raskin and Raisa Monore-Yavneh. Inside and back photos by Matthew Campbell.

Special thanks to Lori Lorenzo and Zora Raskin.

This recording is dedicated to Alan Lomax and the Global Jukebox

Tracklist: 1. Afro-Balkan [04:33] 2. Mambo [04:56] 3. Niggum (dedicated to David Englestein) [05:52] 4. Detroit (dedicated to the White Stripes) [09:52] 5. Hang Up (dedicated to Eva Hesse) [08:52] 6. Choro (dedicated to Alfredo da Rocha Vianna Filho better known as Pixinguinha) [06:28] 7. Värttinnä (dedicated to Värttinnä) [06:16]