Stefano Luigi Mangia _ voice | Gianni Lenoci _ electronics on *

Recording _ January 2012, Eticarte – Wave Ahead production, Monopoli, Italy. Sound engineer & mastering _ Mimmo Galizia. Liner notes and Mesostic _ Stefano Pocci. S.L. Mangia photo _ Valentina Serra. Graphics _ Nicola Guazzaloca. Production _ Stefano L. Mangia and Gianni Lenoci. Executive production _ Gianni Mimmo for Amirani Records and Lydian Eventi

Tracklist: 1. Aria solo (Milano, 1958) 2. Four6 for four players* (New York City, 1992) 3. Solo for voice n.17* from Songbooks I (Stony Point and NYC, 1970) 4. Solo for voice n.72* from Songbooks II (Stony Point and NYC, 1970) 5. Experiences No.2 solo (NYC, 1948) Text derived from III, Sonnets “Unrealities of Tulips and Chimneys” (1923) by E.E.Cummings