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Martino Acciaro – Drums, Typewriter, Noise | Maurizio Bosa – Bass, Am, Fm, Waves | Roberto Acciaro – Guitar, Trombone, Am, Fm, Waves

Recorded in may 21 and 22, 2006 by ivan antonio rossi at shape recording studio in cascina (PI).

Mixed between 2006 and 2007 by ivan antonio rossi at 8brr studio in milan. Mastering and post-production: ivan antonio rossi

fratto9 under the sky-Ebria rec-Nipa produzioni

Tracklist: 01. loft serenade (07.16) | 02. ingredienti per 3 persone (02.33) | 03. dismorfofobia di marylin (02.35) | 04. could your brain be more reflective than a mirror? (04.07) | 05. dustin soup (03.35) | 06. utilità sociale intesa come interesse della collettività alla manifestazione del pensiero (04.53) | 07. no_thing’ s possible with_out 4 stringS and a new coat (04.53) | 08. boonaburra [figlio di una giovane anatra solitaria violentata da un topo d’acqua] (04.34) | 09. stroke 4 gradient red (01.47) | 10. la contessa abbandona le gare (01.12)  | 11. ozio acrobatico (04.57)


This download consists of one 55.26MB zip file containing the complete track list in 192kbps MP3 format along with album art in high resolution JPG format.

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  1. …Tanake is about something else. It is as trio: Martino Acciaro (drums, typewriter, noise), Maurizio Bosa (bass, Am Fm waves), Roberto Acciaro (guitar, trombone, Am Fm waves). In 11 tracks they try to visualize their version of free rock. Their music arises from endless improvisation I suppose. As they are experienced in this, they choose to record their CD live, using no overdubs. In several pieces they worked out there ideas satisfactory, like in ‘Dustin soup’. Other pieces however remain on an experimental level and fail to impress. Acciaro plays some great trombone in ‘Ingredienti per 3 persone’. And I would love to hear more of it. But in most tracks however we hear him on guitar. Throughout it is the drummer where most ideas come from. In a piece like ‘Utilita…’, they prove that also in introvert pieces they can built interesting structures. No doubt that I/O and Tanake are two interesting bands of good musicians, not convincing in all aspects, but I hope they will find more of a own voice.

    —  Dolf Mulder