The Inbetweens | Quantum Cowboy | MP3

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Mike Gamble – guitar, live loops | Noah Jarrett – acoustic bass, synth (2,4) | Conor Elmes – drums, cymbals

Recorded and engineered by Shawn Trail. Mixed by Phil Moffa and Shawn Trail. Mastered at Butcha Sound Lab. Art work by Nisit Jirangpitakkul. Band photo by Jacob Blickenstaff. Produced by The INbetweens with Shawn Trail. Music written by The INbetweens. (C) 2009 seeleysounds

Track list: 1. Quantum Cowboy (6:53) (excerpt) 2. Slap-Happiness (7:13) 3. Maia (5:49) 4. Hello Copper (6:07) 5. Zhoñgguó Suite (9:18) 6. Trash Bag (5:48)

“Named for their propensity to play ‘in between’ styles…The spacier-than-thou outfit is celebrating the release of its third album, Quantum Cowboy.” — Seven Days, Vt

“The Inbetweens have a musical alter ego all their own… jazz crossover fusion for the new millennium… one the new breed of young guitarists who has the knowledge and skill to play in various techniques of jazz, rock, and other modes.” — Mark Turner, All About Jazz


This download consists of one 55.11MB zip file with the complete track list in 192kbps MP3 format along with album art in high resolution JPG format.