Not Two, 2007 | MW 788-2 | CD

Roy Campbell, Jr. – trumpet, flugelhorn, vocals –Mark Whitecage – alto saxophone, clarinet, newspeak | Joe Fonda – bass | Lou Grassi – drums | Marco Eneidi (Guest) – alto sax (track #4 only)

Recorded live at Porgy & Bess Jazz and Music Club, Vienna, Austria, January 27, 2005. Cover: computer image “The Dope” (c) 2006 by Mark Whitecage. Inside photos: Karen Tweedy-Holmes (Lou Grassi), Krzysztof Penarski (Roy Campbell), Rozanne Levine (Mark Whitecage), Bartosz Winiarski (Joe Fonda). Producer: Mark Whitecage. Executive producer: Marek Winiarski

Tracklist: 1. Bush Wacked (Music by Mark Whitecage; Lyrics by Jeanne Lee; newspeak from an article by Elaine Cassel) [17:08] 2. Where Has My Father Gone (Music by Roy Campbell, Jr.) [16:10] 3. The Dope and The Ghost (Music by Roy Campbell, Jr.) [19:10] 4. Next Step (Music by Joe Fonda) [20:37] Total Time: [72:54]