Udo Schindler, Margarita Holzbauer, Harald Lillmeyer - 1. Salon für Klang + Kunst ROTE SENTENZEN – RED SENTENCES

Udo Schindler – clarinet, bass-clarinet, sopranosaxophone | Margarita Holzbauer – violoncello |  Harald Lillmeyer – electronics & electric guitar

First of three “Salon Für Klang und Kunst”. Live

Tracklist: Sentence 1 | Sentence 2 | Sentence 3 | Sentence 4 | Sentence 5 | Sentence 6 | Sentence 7 | Sentence 8

Recorded by Udo Schindler and mixed by Wolfgang Obrecht at Bergstrasse 28c, 82152 Krailling/Germany | 30oct2009 | GEMA

“schindler / holzbauer / lillmeyer” is a trio that was formed following the musicians’ successful collaboration as members of the ‘Munich Instant Orchestra’. Defining influences for their improvised chamber music include the confrontation of the players’ respective musical roots (free jazz, ancient, experimental and contemporary music), electronic and acoustic sounds, augmented playing techniques (multiphonics, micro¬tonality, preparations, electronic sound design) and the masking and pseudo-concealment of a sound’s origins.

The improvisation result ranges from barely audible, through subtle to highly energetic sound events.

ARCH.MUSIK and Metropolis are proud to present this unique recording available as download only.

listen to Udo Schindler, Margarita Holzbauer & Harald Lillmeyer | 1. Salon für Klang + Kunst (excerpt)


This download consists of one 132.7MB zip file containing the complete track list in 320kbps MP3 format along with album art in high resolution JPG format.