Udo Schindler & Sebastiano Tramontana | Localized TalksUdo Schindler & Sebastiano Tramontana | Localized Talks udo schindler – soprano saxophone, bassclarinet | sebastiano tramontana – trombone

fifth in the series “salon für klang und kunst” is localized talks| 26.02.2010 | all music by udo schindler (GEMA) and sebastiano tramontana (GEMA). liverecording: udo schindler. www.arch-musik.de | S 004-D

Tracklist: 1. localized talk S5-1 (2:16) 2. localized talks S5-2 (2:37) 3. localized talks S5-3 (4:28) 4. localized talks S5-4 (3:01) 5. localized talks S5-5 (5:04) 6. localized talks S5-6 (3:24) 7. localized talks S5-7 (5:15)

ARCH.MUSIK and Metropolis are proud to present this unique recording available as download only.


This download consists of one 50.32MB zip file containing the complete track list in 320kbps MP3 format along with album art in high resolution JPG format.