akustronik | set two ; cover

akustronik | schindler | holzbauer | geisse | lillmeyer | pereyra | set two

improvised sound conversations

udo schindler | margarita holzbauer + GO GUITARS: gunnar geisse, harald lillmeyer, adrian pereyra

udo schindler – ss, es-cl, bcl | margarita holzbauer – cello | gunnar geisse – g, laptop | harald lillmeyer – g, elec. | adrian pereyra – g, elec.

listen to akustronik | set two (excerpt)

ARCH.MUSIK and Metropolis are proud to present this unique recording currently available as download only.

akustronik | Photo: Hannes Schneider

akustronik | set two ; cover akustronik | set two ; back 18.06.2008 at kunstbahnsteig münchen-giesing / germany | set two 39:52 min | live-rec.: christoph tampe | mix: wolfgang obrecht



This download consists of one 75.09MB zip file containing the complete track list in 320kbps MP3 format along with album art in high resolution JPG format.

MP3 version (75.09MB zip download)

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