Hubert Bergmann | Yellerwood | Udo Schindler | Rome Hills | Mudoks Record

ROME HILLS, in case of tonal emergency The story behind this music is for the most part unknown. Rome 2012. During a brief stay in February – wandering from place to place in the city, pleasantly warm, every day life in the North now vanishing, somehow a newcomer in this interim spawning ground of being, here where Passolini hinted his portent in the ether. The cafes in which the ether coagulates, barely concealing their peace and tranquility, and each place where memories are celebrated are so old that forgetting now is hardly noticeable. History disappears just around the corner. One who fights “against” this forgetfulness , is an atypical Roman, Massimo, whom I met in front of the now entirely contrived Fiaschetteria, once the hangout and meeting place of Roman artists, who gave me an update of the happenings in the Italian scene. Later in the train while the sounds of AH23 fluttered gently through my mind (I imagined his burning finger and M.’s portrait sunk into the Tiber), a video popped up, totally unexpected, on my google site. John Cage and Cathy Berberian, who performed this mysterious aria in Rome, sang a piece whose link I was able to pull up on my computer – something about “yellow” and “wood” that I later discovered was “Yellerwood.” A voice from the Roman Hills sounded so like Berberian. Then the request on this unknown woman, via Mr. Ricci, if she might be interested in contributing her wonderful voice to recordings done in October 2011 with Udo, a bustling multi-reed man. Something however was missing. Her voice shuttled back and forth, a poem added for garnishment, out of which a new and peculiar world blossomed into a fine mood. Something from Berberian, the utter essence of nature and beauty. Everything that knows itself is sound… No reason to crash… Hubert Bergmann Continue reading

Hubert Bergmann | Udo Schindler | Hut Ab | Mudoks Record

There’s a whole new ball game going on. Players: Pianist Hubert Bergmann and the man on the saxophone Udo Schindler. No idea what kind of game they are playing. Anyway, they’re throwing balls across a huge field of notes and keys. American Football? Well, no, the players seem too slim and subtle for that. Too smart when they’re passing the ball. Hockey? Too esoteric. This is music in a democratic vein, its communication is a matter of transparency. Improvisations for each and every member of the audience. Basketball? Handball? Soccer? Actually, who cares? Each and every ball ends up in the goal, the basket or wherever it’s supposed to go – in any case in the ears of the listener. Take your hat off and listen! — Dr. Stephan Richter Continue reading

Schindler & Richter | Kleine Klassiker

This is house (construction) music. Frank Lloyd said,“Architecture is frozen music”, and in this sense the architect/musician Udo Schindler and the americanist and jazz critic Stephan Richter interact on this little and subtile free-jazz project as an end in itself.” — felix) freiStil-MAGAZIN FÜR MUSIK Nr.14, Juli 2007
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Udo Schindler, Margarita Holzbauer, Harald Lillmeyer | 1. Salon für Klang und Kunst

“schindler / holzbauer / lillmeyer” is a trio that was formed following the musicians’ successful collaboration as members of the ‘Munich Instant Orchestra’. Defining influences for their improvised chamber music include the confrontation of the players’ respective musical roots (free jazz, ancient, experimental and contemporary music), electronic and acoustic sounds, augmented playing techniques (multiphonics, micro¬tonality, preparations, electronic sound design) and the masking and pseudo-concealment of a sound’s origins. Continue reading