Blaise Siwula | John Gilbert | Fulgornatus

Blaise Siwula – (saxophone) | John Gilbert – (guitar)

Tracklist: 1. Orange Sails 2. People never met passing 3. 4 Challenges can Count 4. Turned Time in retrograde 5. Continual A Rise 6. Can’t see the fine print 7. Dream State Relevance 8. Dot Dot Be Dot…

Fulgornatus “ornate lightning” from Latin roots- was recorded 10-4-08 in Brooklyn, NY. The song titles refer to reflective responses of the structures ie spontaneous compositions. This partnership began via the internet. John Gilbert guitar is a resident of Tampa, Fl and Blaise Siwula alto/tenor sax and clarinet is in Brooklyn, NY. They met at Blaise’s studio in Brooklyn with two microphones and a HD recorder and performed the concepts that had been inferred via email and phone calls. 20th century classical music … microtonal approaches in composition… Messeian…. Thelonious Monk. John Gilbert- guitarist and musical innovationist, serialist of microtones & death metal guitarist. Blaise Siwula – Saxophones/Clarinets adherent of free original music in any medium or genre.

Blaise Siwula and John Gilbert

John Gilbert

an exceptional grade musician in the highest of the finer arts and musics, contemporary extemporaneous composer-musician highly skilled at composing with a dart and dartboard. But seriously folx, John’s been putting on the guitar for more years than 20 some years…When HE discovered microtonal thinking in the early 2000’s the ideas just kept coming to him, long walks in the woods and a headphone system with Olivier Messiaen got him to wonder about poly-modal microtonal scales thus leading him to discover the ability of nature to produce millions of actual distinct harmonies recognized by him. In the late period of 1999 John recorded an instant classic entitled “SHEER ON THE BOONDOCK” After this time the record label Sign Here at the X was born also known as X______ since it dawned on him the oddness of always having to sign at the X. As times began to change, music changed rapidly for us in the beginning of the millennium. Inspired insipidly by Schoenberg’s Chamber Symphony and Messiaen’s Haiki both conducted by the great Pierre Boulez, and with the aid of CHRONOCHROMIE to distinguish time from sound and effectually separate their unity by crystallizing the time element by geometry, John began putting bits and pieces of the puzzle together overcoming obstacle after obstacle and eventually leading himself on a CD called ORNATE LIGHTNING which translated to latin becomes Fulgornatus with Blaise Siwula a legendary saxophonist. Introducing the SYNTHESIZED MICROTONAL FRETTED GUITAR in 2007 at NYC’s ABC no RIO led to a discovery of the actual proportions of time and space in regards the human perception of chords, dissonances and perplexities of sound called beating. The JND scale theory or just noticeable differences of microtonality were discovered by him, maybe not the first, but a leader in the serialistical promise that these dissonances of danger introduced to him.

Anonmist existed after a period in time when John Gilbert was tuning into extra-terrestrials for some while. Never once skeptical, John noticed that they were watching him as he pummeled through the sonicscapes of the LASER INVERSION FREQUENCY TONE SPECTRUM which cannot be described at length here but in his forthcoming and highly anticipated “NOTHING SOLID” book in which theories upon theories of extra-terrestrial sound is indeed microtonal frequencies and relations which have not cropped up yet in the Universal History Of Music mainly because all of the letters of the alphabet were consumed in focal points to become the Do-Re-Mi of our heritage of the arts in the West and Occident. Robert Helps, Carl Ruggles, Arnold Schoenberg, Olivier Messiaen, Karlheinz Stockhausen, Anton Webern, Durufle, Ussachevsky, Harry Partch and Scriabin not withstanding the music of the Father of Music, J.S. Bach especially the Art of Fugue counterpoint series. Excessive music theorizing does not reveal the essence of the unseen and the true avant garde experimental musicians of the past did not themselves profess to be knowledgable in the area of such things, although ideas that do persist in these studies of John Gilbert’s are aesthetic for numbers, serialism and dissonance, absolute chromaticism, and relative pitch harmonies based entirely from the stars in space.

John Gilbert

Linguistical research in the fields of metronomy, the dialectic of SOCRATES, and the expulsion of John’s A$$ from Music School in 1999 to further find pursuit among the Intellectuals in an art dept. Recently converging the simplest thoughts of his past into the poems of the future by means of extensive diaries of his notes being made available for the public free of charge because He feels that they are the art of the future. It is no great loss however to die the philosopher’s death.

Currently in pursuit of creating materials to help the pursuit of guitarists away from modal thought into the new form of geometry called sound, that is, the use of relationships of tones rather than combinations of chords in a simplistic way that is founded in the natural harmonic element of the OUTER SPACE. New releases include ANONMIST – ART, FULGORNATUS, TEMPERAMANCY, ISIS UNVEILED AUDIO BOOK, ART OF FUGUE I for Electric Shred Guitar, THE NUTMEG TREE among others.

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