Blaise Siwula | Carsten Radtke | Projection: Zero

This music is the result of a casual session at my studio in Brooklyn. Carsten has been visiting NYC for the past few years in August and attending the improvised music series I curate – C.O.M.A. that takes place on Sundays at ABC No-Rio on the Lower Eastside. We had some interesting encounters during the open sessions and I suggested we meet at my place before he returned to Munich. Afterwards Carsten thought since we had no expectations an appropriate title would be “Projection: Zero”. As we both have an interest in Zen Buddhism it made sense… the music…the titles…the concept… The unique sound on this recording comes from our different backgrounds and approaches to music. — Blaise Siwula Continue reading

Blaise Siwula | Dom Minasi | Nobu Stowe | Ray Sage | New York Moments

Following the recording session on September 4th 2005 which produced the Konnex Records release “BLAISE SIWULA, NOBU STOWE & RAY SAGE – Brooklyn Moments” (KCD 5177), Blaise, Ray and I decided to keep the trio as a regular-working unit. Mostly due to the distance between NYC (Blaise & Ray) and Baltimore (myself), we had to wait awhile to perform together again. The chance came when we had a gig at Kavehaz in the Chelsea district of Manhattan almost four months after. For this gig, we were joined by two guest musicians: the Ornette Coleman’s Prime Time guitarist, Bern Nix, and the up-and-coming viola player, Robyn Siwula. — Nobu Stowe Continue reading

Blaise Siwula | John Gilbert | Fulgornatus

Fulgornatus“ornate lightning” from Latin roots- was recorded 10-4-08 in Brooklyn, NY. The song titles refer to reflective responses of the structures ie spontaneous compositions. This partnership began via the internet. John Gilbert guitar is a resident of Tampa, Fl and Blaise Siwula alto/tenor sax and clarinet is in Brooklyn, NY. They met at Blaise’s studio in Brooklyn with two microphones and a HD recorder and performed the concepts that had been inferred via email and phone calls. 20th century classical music … microtonal approaches in composition… Messeian…. Thelonious Monk. John Gilbert- guitarist and musical innovationist, serialist of microtones & death metal guitarist. Blaise Siwula – Saxophones/Clarinets adherent of free original music in any medium or genre. Continue reading

Jim Ryan | The Ghost Dog Tour Compilation | Edgetone Records

A trip to the underground of cutting-edge music the Ghost Dog Tour features eleven carefully honed works from over twelve hours of live recordings made during May and June 2007 in six U.S. cities: St. Paul, Minneapolis, Chicago, Urbana IL, Columbus OH, and New York. Jim Ryan traveled by bus, hooking up with advanced players (over two dozen), sometimes gathered under his Forward Energy banner, and sometimes as guest performer with local groups. This 73+ minute CD exemplifies the vitality of the will to musical creation that remains hidden beneath the slick commercial flim-flam that is pushed down the throat of the average music buying public. — Saftig von Heimlischbaden Continue reading

Ken Silverman

I’m Ken Silverman a NYC-based Guitarist/Composer, who also plays Oud, Charango, Bass Guitar and hand percussion. My interest as an Improvisor is in taking everything I’ve been exposed to and using it to try to create something distinctive and creative. For me that means using what I’ve learned from blues, jazz, rock, ethnic and to some extent classical and concert music in an improvised or “free” setting, or within the realm of “Composition.” My goal is to create my own brew of sound and to keep forever expanding, both through playing with others and through working on my sound and playing as an individual. I have been active concertizing in NYC with a variety of musicians, including Daniel Carter and Roy Campbell. June, 2010 saw the release of the Quartet CD “Macroscopia” on the Metier label. Continue reading