C.O.M.A. | California Outside Music Associates | Big Words | Edgetone Records

John Vaughn – saxophones, voice, electronics | Dax Compise – percussion | Zach Silver – electric violin, Theremin

Compositions realized and recorded on 5/10/08. Recording by Jim Johnston at jcommsrudios Stockton, CA. Cover art and design by Dylan Vaughn

Tracklist: 1. Veridical 2. Nankeen 3. Folketymology 4. Scaphoid 5. Perambulate 6. Rectrix 7. Whydah

As the demiurgic inklings of the COMA collective

came together the autoschediasms became alimental… Being both introspective and temerarious simultaneously, the music itself became expiscatory. The resulting sonic assemblage gave rise to the exigence for BIG WORDS. C.O.M.A.’s third aural assortment gives the auditor an unabridged image of the collective’s amelioration. So, please, experience all of the BIG WORDS in COMA’s current euphonic offering.

…intense and incisive…C.O.M.A. at times evoke the Revolutionary Ensemble, of Leroy Jenkins, Sirone and Jerome Cooper. – Edoardo Chagas, Jazz e Arredores

The haunting theramin and quietly burbling sax combine with soft drums evoking distant thunder to generate a tense and eerie presence like a clip from a 1950s US Sci-fi movie. Overall a good mix of improv and composition with some fascinating themes. – Richard Barnes, Sea of Tranquility

Improvisations that could be described as halfway through idiomatic and completely scheme-free. – Massimo Ricci, Temporary Fault

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