Connie Crothers | Richard Tabnik | Duo Dimension | NA1003

Connie Crothers, piano; Richard Tabnik, alto saxophone

Tracklist: 1. Smile, My Baby 2. Star Eyes 3. Jazz Scenery 4. Intuition Blues 5. Afternoon at the Chelsea 6. Awareness 7. Sweet, Not Salty 8. A Different Place 9. Delirium 10. Duo Dimension

Recording Date: March 21, 1987

“…individualistic…substantial and refreshing…an inspired blend of strength, fire and lines drawn with a fine edge. Adventurous, fresh and rewarding.” – Lois Moody, The Ottawa Citizen, (Critic’s Choice, top ten, 1988)

“…intelligent, exploratory and well-crafted.” – Keyboard

“…profound communication.”- Steve Hahn, Jazz Times

Piano and alto sax

are paired in this program of nine original pieces plus the ballad oldie “Star Eyes.” Connie Crothers plays with great strength and fire, yet seems to draw her lines with lightness and a fine edge. Her rhythmic sense never wavers, even in the most “outside,” adventurous constructions she develops with Richard Tabnik. Some of the airy dryness of the late altoist Paul Desmond colors his sound, but Tabnik follows a different path in terms of both harmonic conception and energy. He and Crothers obviously share close ties in this music which is both individualistic and a direct descendant of the late pianist/teacher Lennie tristano. Substantial and refreshing. — Lois Moody

Connie Crothers | Richard Tabnik | Duo Dimension | NA1003

Richard Tabnik

has been living in New York City since 1979. Between 1975-79, he lived in Buffalo, N.Y. He appeared on radio, television, and in concert with his own groups. He played lead alto in Frank Fosters Big Band at The State University of New York at Buffalo, and was a featured soloist at the historic Colored Musicians Club. The apex of his time there was 2-1/2 years with the Federally-funded [CETA] Buffalo Jazz Ensemble under the direction of Allen Tinney, with whom Charlie Parker played early in his career at Monroes Uptown House. Prior to this, Richard wrote for and performed in various contexts in Houston, TX., Atlanta, GA., and Providence, R.I., where he had his first jazz gigs under the tutelage of guitarist Tom Brown, who also gave Roy Haynes, the great jazz drummer, his first gig. Richard Tabnik studied with jazz alto saxophonist Lee Konitz from 1970 to 1972.

He has been studying with Connie Crothers since January 1980. He was presented in concert in her studio soon after that in duos with Peter Scattaretico on drums and Ms. Crothers on piano. Currently, Richard Tabnik may be heard on DUO DIMENSION (NA1003-CD&LP) on New Artists Records, with Connie Crothers on piano. He and Ms. Crothers have performed in duo and in quartet. They appeared with Carol Tristano on drums and Calvin Hill on bass at Greenwich House in NYC on April 6, 1990. Mr. Tabnik appeared with Ms. Tristano and Mr. Hill at Greenwich House on January 11, 1990. He appeared as a solo artist in concert at Greenwich House on February 9, 1991 and released the solo alto saxophone recording, SOLO JOURNEY.

Connie Crothers | Richard Tabnik | Duo Dimension | NA1003

Recently released is a trio recording with Carol Tristano on drums and Cameron Brown on bass. It is on New Artists Records and is entitled IN THE MOMENT (NA-1015CD).

A quartet record with Andy Fite on guitar, Calvin Hill on bass, and Roger Mancuso on drums entitled LIFE AT THE CORE has just been released. The quartet, with bassist Sean Smith, gigged around NYC during 1993-4 in various clubs. In addition to the settings he has recorded with, Richard Tabnik is currently performing with the newly-formed quartet CCQt, featuring Connie Crotherson piano, Roger Mancuso on drums, and Sean Smith on bass. He has also performed recently in a trio with Roger Mancuso and bassists Ed Broderick, Sean Smith and Chris Lough. Richard Tabnik is currently listed in the Penguin Book of Jazz on CD, Records, and Cassette.

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