Dave Liebman | Steve Dalachinsky | The Fallout of Dreams | RogueArt Jazz

rogueart jazz

Dave Liebman: tenor & soprano saxophones, piano, flutes, drums | Steve Dalachinsky: spoken words | special guest: Richie Beirach: piano

All compositions by Dave Liebman except 14 by Dave Liebman & Richie Beirach and 8 by Richie Beirach. All words by Steve Dalachinsky

Recorded on December 22nd 2011 by Leon Lee Dorsey at Leon Lee Dorsey studio, New York, NY, USA. Mixing and editing: Kent Heckman, Red Rock Recording, Saylorsburg, PA, USA. Mastering: Jean-Pierre Bouquet, L’autre Studio, Vaires-sur-Marne, France. Liner notes: Steve Dalachinsky & Dave Liebman. Photographs: Aïda Belhamd. Cover design: Max Schoendorff. Cover realization: David Bourguignon. Producer: Michel Dorbon

Tracklist: 1. The Fallout of Dreams (7:49) 2. Carry on Clarion (1:19) 3. For all the Player (for S. Lacy)/The Seasons (for (4:45) 4. Cosmic ( for Jim Brodey) (6:29) 5. Gustave Moreau/Stranger on a Train (2:32) 6. Jackson Pollock’s Early Notebooks (4:21) 7. The Breath (for Evan Parker) (2:54) 8. The Leaves are Changing (for Jack Kerouac) (12:52) 9. Magical Realism/La Fenice Medley (5:13) 10. Billie Holiday/Elian-Oleo Medely (4:04) 11. The Lynching (5:48) 12. Breakfast/Back 1-4 Matisse/For Jackson Mac Low (1:02) 13. Possessed (0:41) 14. The Origin of a Species/Minority-Seniority-Sonorit (9:49)

Dave Liebman | Steve Dalachinsky | The Fallout of Dreams | rogueart jazz

Dave Liebman

Musically conversing with the spoken word is quite a challenge, even more than with a dancer or painter. There are the words and images and then there is the delivery by, in this case, the poet himself. My reactions are probably not much different than anyone else’s would be when hearing an expression or phrase, but to translate that into the horn or other instruments is quite daunting. For this project, my old friend Richie Beirach was around and joined us, another Brooklyn Jewish guy from the same hood. The title poem truly depicts our life in 1950/60s’s Brooklyn, NY…with all its irony, pathos and joy. This was quite a meeting portraying a host of emotions from the three of us.

Steve Dalachinsky

Long relationships even with their lags in time or because of them often present uncanny knowings/empathy/repartee/ the voices at their best mix the way fine blended drinks mix – no dabbling but pure commitment to the work / no false parity or well rehearsed well trained actors doing their parts / just 2 old friends meeting & greeting to share languages/ opinions/feelings/

2 guys who grow up sharing similar joys despair passion – the true growin’ up blues – drifting apart – reuniting – finding that certain dreams can fall into place – 2 old friends meet become 3 > sweet music is made / tough music / tough words… tough love….

Dave Liebman | Steve Dalachinsky | The Fallout of Dreams | rogueart jazz


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